Beet juice, red beet, beetroot or golden beet juice. It has many names, and it has been considered to be a super food – even called natural EPO – the forbidden dope that a lot of professional cyclists use.
Beet juice is one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants. Furthermore – together with spinach and rucola – it is one of the sources of nitrate, which is great for your blood management.

It lowers the blood pressure, improves blood flow and helps create red blood cells. This increases the transport of oxygen to the muscles, reduces the oxygen usage during exercise and increases high-intensity exercise tolerance. Scientific research has shown that beet juice consumption can result in up to 16% more endurance.

But only if you are not very well trained. Top athlets have pushed their bodys so far that the red drink really does not help much – only a betterment of 2% according to research.

And don’t brush your teeth just before you drink it. Beet juice only works if the bacteria flora in your mouth is intact, and this flora is needed to convert the juice to usable components for your body.

So if you are an average hobby runner aiming for your first marathon; head for the shop and drink some red juice.

Ps: And don’t freek out on your first visit to the toilet after consuming a bottle. Your pee will not look yellow any more. It’s not dangerous thought.

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