If you love nature and music, Norway is the place to go. During the short summer from June to August there are music festivals all around the country. Most of them are worth visiting – some of them are more special than others. Here are our top picks:

Far out in the North Sea lies the beautiful island of Træna. Situated north in Norway, the sun never goes down, and with a scenery consisting of mountains, clean air, the sun and the sea, all is set for the experience of your lifetime.
The festival is in 2014 from 10. –12. of July.
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As much as Træna festival is in the sea, Vinjerock is in the mountains. In the middle of Norway, Aasmund Olavsson Vinje came to Eidsbugarden over a hundred years ago, and built a hut. This was the start, and the festival is named after him. With the mountains and the music, Vinjerock has become probly the fastest selling festival in the world, and the tickets was gone in ten seconds this year.
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The nature around Rauma, with the steepest wall in Europe, the Troll Wall, was voted one of top 3 tourist destinations in the world, by National Geographic Magazine. So, place a festival here, listen to cool music at night time, climb or go around sightseeing during daytime … this is the holiday of your dreams!
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We had to recommend one urban festival to. When it comes to architecture, Oslo has a top score in many magazines. Especially the Bar Code design of the new buildings that you guaranteed will notice if you visit Oslo. And you should. Øyafestivalen is by far the most popular urban festival in Norway. This year situated in the Tøyen Park in the middle of Norways capital, it goes over five days. This is an incredible way to start your Norwegian road trip.
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