I guess the only creatures on earth that loves mosquitoes are birds. The rest of us really dislike them. And most of us also dislike putting on poisonous repellent, full of DEET.

So what to do? Lets think opposite; make something that the mosquitos like more than us … and trap them there. Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide, and it works as a magnet. Here is a chap and simple way to build a mosquito trap:

You need:
0,2 liters of hot water.
50 grams of brown sugar.
1 gram of yeast.
1 two liter plastic bottle.

Do like this:
Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the bottle in two pieces. Mix the brown sugar with the hot water. Let the mixture cool down.
Pour the mixture into the lower half of the plastic bottle and add the yeast. Do not mix.
This will produce carbon dioxide.

Put the top half of the bottle up side down into the lower part, and use tape to hold it in place.
The trap is ready.

Note: The tip of the bottle should not go into the sugarwater, but let the mosquitos into the bottle without touching the water.

See the process here, and a cute video here: